Circus Workshops for Schools

  • All circus skills workshops are adapted in length to the needs of the school and its timetable. A circus skills workshop starts with a friendly introduction and chat about safety followed by some simple warm up Exercises/Balancing. The basics of juggling, its rhythms and patterns are then taught firstly using scarves, progressing, where appropriate, to one, two and three balls.
  • All circus workshop equipment: ~ Peacock Feathers, Scarves, Balls, Clubs, Rings, Spinning Plates, Diablo, Devil sticks, Hula Hoops, Balance sticks, unicycles and Hand held stilts are fully discussed and demonstrated prior to the pupils use.
  • Circus Rico can confidently run a circus skills workshop with groups of 30-35 pupils which are a recognised safe number for such an activity. Also small groups allow for individual teaching and guidance.
  • Larger groups would require an addition tutor
  • Workshops are available all year round and are tailored to your school/college's needs. From short taster sessions with several groups in one day to more in depth work with one group over a longer period of time and also including performance projects.
  • We work with age groups from nursery through to adult, with people of all abilities and all needs.